Are you half bald? The hairstyle too!

Du hast eine Halbglatze? Die Frisur dazu!

Are you half bald? The hairstyle too!

When your hair begins to thin, it terrifies your own or other man. Is your ego bruised because of the youth perhaps saying goodbye, or are you afraid of losing your sexual attractiveness to women? Half-bald, hairstyle or bald cut? All nonsense! Things are just the way they are! In the following we will show you what you should do with your thin hair and in no way have to be inferior to those who have full hair. After all, stars like Jason Statham and Vin Diesel are showing the way. Have fun reading today's Charlemagne Premium blog post.

Hereditary hair loss


Some men are genetically predisposed differently than others. This leads to many men losing their hair from the age of 20, coupled with thinning hair. So half bald. Finding a hairstyle to go with it is usually not a nice thing, especially when you can see your circle of friends dancing through one discotheque or another with their full, flowing hair while you are tormenting yourself with complex ones.

Are you half bald? The hairstyle too!

A normal development


Due to the male sex hormone testosterone, which is individual to each individual, some test subjects' hair falls out. Half bib, missing hairstyle is the result. No reason to worry. Over the course of a lifetime, hair loss and thinning hair is a normal process that most men have to go through. One man has more “Testo” and the other has less. A strong presence of this hormone significantly accelerates hair loss. But keep your head up! Ultimately, a strong presence of the hormone indicates strong masculinity and an associated sex drive!


The right half-bald hairstyle


As always, you can't come up with a blanket hairstyle for bald men. Hairstyles, like the right clothing, depend on the type. As an individual, you can only seek sensitive advice from your trusted barber and get the right haircut afterwards. Let's be honest. Just because long hair is and has been a trend for a while, it doesn't mean that everyone is the long-haired Viking type of man who would suit such a hairstyle. The same applies to a trendy bald head. Bald-headed eggheads are anything but “cool.” The bottom line is that the wrong, generally accepted hairstyle is classic nonsense that should be left alone. However, we will show you how to provide good examples for comparison in the next section.

Are you half bald? The hairstyle too!

How do other people deal with hair loss?


Many people try hair growth products to achieve a hairstyle when they are partially bald. The key word here is the hair growth agent minoxidil, to give one example. This is a drug that is used for hereditary hair loss. Originally used to combat high blood pressure, the substance has the property of being able to tame hair loss and sometimes even promote hair growth. A hair growth product like minoxidil is actually a blood vessel dilating agent. It causes the small blood vessels in the scalp to expand. This means that the hair, specifically the hair roots, are better nourished. It is important to note that with a hair growth agent such as minoxidil or similar products, an effect is only guaranteed if taken continuously. If the intake or use is stopped, gradual resignation is to be expected. It is therefore advisable to use it for at least 12 months in order to be able to estimate whether the desired treatment will actually bring about success, i.e. stop hair loss or perhaps even cause hair to grow. By the way, people also use minoxidil for thin hair. Maybe the remedy is also worth trying in your case to be able to shape your half-bald head into a hairstyle.


Stars don't do it any other way


Jason Statham, Vin Diesel and “The Rock” with their bald or half-bald hairstyles have no problem with their thinning hair. Ok Stromberg, as unique as his series of the same name may be, we don't want to bring it up here. However, baldness, thinning hair or simply thin hair are not a problem when it comes to masculinity. Rather, the aforementioned men embody exactly this through their aura. A point that many guys who are still too well styled are missing. Radiance!


As you have read, half-baldness can also be converted into a hairstyle if you have the right enthusiasm. Many prominent men don't just live with half-baldness, no bald hairstyle is sexy again. It's not for nothing that a number of men with thinning hair have been named "Sexiest Man of the Year" several times. Our tip is to present your style to the barber you trust and let him do his job blindly. Making your half-bald head a hairstyle, even if it means a bald cut. Over time, we're sure this style will become your trademark, if that's what a master propper hairstyle should become.

Are you half bald? The hairstyle too!

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