The mushroom head hairstyle - why it didn't just characterize the 90s

Die Pilzkopf Frisur – warum sie nicht nur die 90er geprägt hat

The mushroom head hairstyle - why it didn't just characterize the 90s

In today's Charlemagne Premium Blog we will talk about the 90s and the ubiquitous mushroom head hairstyle. Today, the haircut mentioned is decried by most viewers and classified as a fashion faux pas of the past. However, you probably know at least a handful of people who have adopted this look. Where did this phenomenal mass emergence of the trend come from, what other style sins did the nineties bring with them and why did the style sins come to such an abrupt end?

We will explain and clarify these and other questions to you using the following points.

The origin, the Beatles

The first appearance of the mushroom head hairstyle in the early 60s was coined by the members of the rock band “The Beatles”.

The then well-known photographer Jürgen Vollmer cut Paul McCartney and John Lennon's hair based on his own example. As luck would have it, this happened in a hotel room in Paris. The two rock idols visited the photographer there after they hitchhiked to Paris. Figuratively speaking, Paul McCartney said the following about the mushroom head hairstyle at the time:

“We saw a guy in Hamburg whose hair we liked. John and I hitchhiked to Paris. We asked him to cut our hair like he had cut his own. He was living in Paris at the time. He was kind of an artist guy, everyone's photographer friend. His name was Jürgen.”

Due to their rather unusual appearance at the time, but especially due to the shape of their hair, the Beatles were also known as “mushroom heads” in Germany because of their haircut.

Sometimes the haircut was viewed poorly, especially by official authorities. So he stood for a certain emerging rebellion of the early 1960s.

The mushroom head hairstyle – why it not only influenced the 90s The beatles mop top

The nineties, an era of boy bands

After the mushroom head hairstyle had become quiet for a long time. She had her new appearance in the 90s.

The Backstreet Boys, Take That or Caught in the Act. The music of male musical formations, also known as “boy bands,” shaped an entire decade. To this day, no party celebrating the 1990s should be without one of your songs. This decade shaped and accompanied many people not only musically but also through childhood and youth experiences.

In particular, the members of such boy bands wore a mushroom head hairstyle and made it fashionable again in this decade. In this context, everyone will remember a classmate who had the look of Aaron Carter. Considered a fashionable misstep today, this extinct trend was no longer able to establish itself in the men's world. We don't even want to start talking about a daring combination with a thick beard today. Just leave it.

The mushroom head hairstyle today

While the mushroom head hairstyle shaped the nineties, particularly in the male fashion world, things look different today. Women are increasingly wearing short hair. This also includes the mushroom head hairstyle. A wide variety of styling versions paired with a wide variety of colors characterize today's women's hair world.

As you have read from our points, the mushroom head hairstyle is still on everyone's lips. The female gender in particular has found a certain fable for the themed short hairstyle these days.

The mushroom head hairstyle - why it didn't just characterize the 90s

At the moment, however, we can only advise you against wearing the mushroom head hairstyle. Around 80 years after the trend first emerged, it is no longer relevant today. But as you can see from the 90s, trends appear again and again and become fashionable. So be excited to see what time will bring.


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