One or two Aubameyang hairstyles - the trends he sets.

Die eine oder andere Aubameyang Frisur - die Trends die er setzt.

One or two Aubameyang hairstyles - the trends he sets.

Football, a sport that inspires the world. Some people love it, others simply can't find any interfaces. Nevertheless, there is hardly any sport that has such a high impact on humanity as ball sports, in which two teams try to kick a ball past a goalkeeper and into the net! The star footballers always attract attention, especially because of their appearance. Hairstyle trends are not uncommon. Because of this, in today's Charlemagne Premium Blog we will talk about the footballer Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and in particular the most important of the legendary Aubameyang hairstyle.


Footballers and their trends

One of the first real trendsetters in the industry was David Beckham. His hairstyle trend of the Iroquois in combination with a style hairstyle, which he slowly let grow out and thus inevitably tied into a braid, gave birth to the colloquial “player style” of the 2000s to 2005s. Since then, the trend setting has also arrived in the football world. Let's be honest. Rudi Völler's hair at the time was more laughed at than celebrated during the World Cup in the 90s. Today, the style like the Aubameyang hairstyle is more in demand than ever.

Aubameyang, a personality with a global impact


At the beginning of his career - and we're not just talking about the legendary Aubameyang hairstyle that came with it - the player played professionally for FC Milan until 2011. Over various periods of his life, his path led him to BVB - Borussia Dortmund, where he was able to play a variety of games, including against Bayer Leverkusen, for example. In 2018 he moved to Arsenal in England, just to give a brief overview of his career, which also took place in the Champions League.

The world footballer Pierre Emerick Aubameyang , the hairstyle

Aubameyang is known for his extroverted look and the associated Aubameyang hairstyle, or rather the hairstyles. But his clothes shouldn't be neglected either. More on that later. Aubameyang does not see himself as the extroverted, flashy person he is perceived to be. He gets special attention when celebrating a goal, which he usually celebrates with a forward somersault.

The extrovert

His style is not only due to his Aubameyang hairstyle, but also to his personal sponsor Nike, who outfits him from top to bottom with great sportswear. Unlike his competitors who wear Puma or Adidas, he is on the right side of fashion thanks to the trendy brand that has been around for decades. At least for now. However, there is no sign of the trend abating.

Probably the most attention-grabbing of his Aubameyang hairstyles

The ex-BVB player remembered his grandmother by having his grandmother's name dyed into his hairstyle. A week after his grandmother's death, Auba, as he likes to be called, wore his grandmother's name "Marina" in his hair in the game that followed.

Auba wrote on Instagram: “One last smile from you that showed you were the most beautiful. One last trip to your village, I was happy to be there with you. You gave me so much love, you taught me so much. Because of you I speak Spanish. I am proud to be your little son. One last kiss to say 'goodbye' to you. A big kiss, I love you grandma. RIP”


“I had my grandmother’s name dyed into my hair,” explained the star striker: “She died last week. This is my way of remembering her.”

As you could read, the footballer, who is perceived as extroverted, is not averse to having his hair dyed and would continue to do so frequently. Not exactly the current trend, but still a fashionable Aubameyang hairstyle. By the way, fashion and style are not dependent on time. If you are looking for timeless trends, especially for your hair and beard, Aubameyang has his face shaved, we can only recommend the Charlemagne Premium Shop at this point, because:

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