Beard growth products - Minoxidil and the like

Bartwuchsmittel - Minoxidil und Konsorten

Beard growth products - Minoxidil and the like

You, dear reader, know the situation. One has more... the other has less.

Dear visitor! Of course, we are not talking about sexual content, but about the well-known and sought-after beard growth. Even at a young age, I looked forward to every new beard hair and wanted to accelerate the growth to the maximum from one day to the next.

If the beard is not only a constant feature of the person who wears it and is visible everywhere due to its arrangement on the face, it is a secondary gender characteristic and therefore also an indispensable factor in relation to masculinity for most people.

Different styling, shapes and lengths significantly emphasize the shape of the wearer's face and facial features. Depending on your subjective wishes, the individual look makes the wearer appear sporty-young or serious-adult. Other men, on the other hand, love their faces to be bare and smooth.

Well, based on the fact that you are reading this blog, I assume that you belong to the first group.

But what if the facial hair isn't the way the wearer wants it and just takes a long time?

What to do? Beard growth products like Minoxidil or is there strength in rest? Should you just wait and see? Are household resources and grandparents' legends actually helpful?

We would like to write down a few points for you below and thereby convey the basics to get the most out of your facial hair. You might even get a beard that even Pablo Escobar would have liked to have. And yes, as we all know, he had almost everything. Eventually, according to rumors, he had to write off millions of dollars a year because rats were eating his drug money in the walls.

What exactly is beard growth?

A man enters puberty in his youth, after which, according to female legends and legends, it only increases.

In the exciting time between childhood and adulthood, between women and physical changes and especially the development of a pronounced hormonal balance, changes occur. In addition to numerous other places on the body, beard hair also gradually grows due to the developing hormone emissions. For some it is more pronounced, for others it is less pronounced. Testosterone, the male sex hormone, is the key word here.

Such a development process can take years. Sometimes initially with a small mustache and from the age of 14 until the day comes when you can present a proper beard growth on your face.

Natural beard growth is also part of one's predisposition. Beard, or rather its appearance, is fundamentally hereditary. If your grandpas already had a classic baby bottom on their face, and dad's was no different, it can initially be assumed that this legacy will also be passed on to you.

The best beard growth products household products?

Grandfather always said: Boy, you have to shave off your hair more often and the rest will take care of itself.

Shaving more often? Does this really help you get a thicker beard and the resulting stronger growth?

At first glance it may seem that frequent shaving makes the beard appear thicker. However, this is not due to increased growth, but rather is based on the fact that the thinner tips of the beard hair are cut off and individual hairs therefore appear thicker.

Unfortunately I have to disappoint you at this point. Excessive shaving does not result in an increase in growth. Rather, you are putting excessive strain on your hair and especially your skin.

Does my lifestyle affect my hair growth?

Basically, there should be foods that, in addition to minoxidil, promote the growth of the beard as beard growth products. Unfortunately, there are no special miracle recipes at this point. The key word is the hormonal balance, which is largely responsible for the growth of a beard. This is influenced by a balanced diet, so that a healthy food intake by the wearer can definitely be a supportive beard growth agent. Mustard, celery or even garlic and onions have an effect on the hormonal balance. In addition, these ingredients can be integrated into any barbecue evening. And hey, let's just be honest. Grilling is one of the manliest activities a man can have. There is also a diet rich in protein. The basic foodstuff, especially during sports. Sport theme, exactly, sport!

When it comes to lifestyle, physical activity also plays a major role. When you practice various sports, with the exception of the ever-popular indoor mikado, the body produces hormones. These also contribute to the hormonal balance as a whole. A natural beard growth product. Here again the keyword is testosterone!

However, the principle should be known here that you should eat a balanced diet and exercise anyway. In particular, penetrating the muscles with weights in the gym can be an excellent support for facial hair growth.

Added to this is the body's water balance. Without water there is no life or in this case no beard.

The best beard growth products household products?

The topic of sleep

Similar to the aforementioned weight-bearing sport, bodybuilding, hair growth occurs during sleep.

Just like muscles, hair grows during rest phases, i.e. while sleeping. You can have a supportive effect with balanced sleep cycles and healthy rest breaks. Restful sleep allows the body to concentrate on its basic tasks. The natural beard growth product “Sleep” and without any chemicals

Beard growth products, minoxidil and co. a cutting edge between reality and fiction?

 As already mentioned in the previous section, the development process until you have a really full beard can take several years, depending on your personal and hereditary predisposition.

It is certainly possible to accelerate beard growth through the aforementioned lifestyle or beard growth products such as minoxidil. Unfortunately, I have to suggest to you at this point that miracles are not to be expected if you cannot expect a strong beard growth due to heredity. Some men are just not blessed with the advantage or, depending on the observer, the disadvantage of having a pronounced beard. However, influence within natural limits can nonetheless be achieved.


The key word here is the beard growth agent minoxidil. This is a drug that is used for hereditary hair loss. Originally used to combat high blood pressure, the substance has the property of being able to tame hair loss and sometimes even promote hair growth. A beard growth product like minoxidil is actually a blood vessel dilating agent. It causes the small blood vessels in the scalp to expand. This means that the hair, specifically the hair roots, are better nourished. It is important to note that with a beard growth product such as minoxidil or similar products, an effect is only guaranteed if taken continuously. If the intake or use is stopped, gradual resignation is to be expected. It is therefore advisable to use it for at least 12 months in order to be able to estimate whether the desired treatment will actually bring about success, i.e. stop hair loss or perhaps even cause hair to grow.


Does beard care also affect growth?

Beard care is a factor that should not be ignored when it comes to the beard. Be it the growth or the appearance of your beard. No, please don't think wrong. Obligatory beard care does not mean that you suddenly have massive beard growth, as the idea of ​​beard growth products implies. Nevertheless, through targeted styling and care, you can showcase your beard in such a way that you can tickle the maximum of your given dispositions. Effective styling makes the beard appear fuller and thicker, so that you can get the most out of your beard growth. A win even without the use of the beard growth product minoxidil mentioned above. Here, too, you should not underestimate the financial factor. Expenses that may not have the effect you initially imagined are pointless. Here, too, you can quickly spend a lot of money without getting any added value.

Beard growth products, a cutting edge between reality and fiction?

As already mentioned in the previous section, the development process until you have a really full beard can take several years, depending on your personal and hereditary predisposition.

It is certainly possible to accelerate beard growth through the aforementioned lifestyle or beard growth products such as minoxidil. Unfortunately, I have to point out to you at this point that miracles are not to be expected if you cannot expect strong beard growth due to heredity. However, you can still have influence within natural limits.


You have probably noticed that many of the details regarding beard growth are unfortunately out of your hands and that you can only provide support. With the points listed above, you are well prepared to get the most out of your facial hair. The beard growth product Minoxidil can help you with this. Everything else at this point is of course up to you and your personal commitment. Remember that not having a beard is not a downfall if you are affected. Great care products for your skin are not only used for beard care. As always, you can of course find utensils for supporting beard care in the Charlemagne Premium Shop.

The best beard growth products household products?

“A healthy and well-groomed beard is important for a real man, that’s why we offer everything you need to keep yours doing so.”

As barbers with over 20 years of experience in the trade, we were looking for styling and care products that convinced us 100%. There were some good products on the market, but none that really gave us what we needed. After some consideration, we decided in 2014 that we wanted to develop our own series. For two years, every evening after work in the barbershop, we used every free minute to work on developing the recipes in our basement. When it came to ingredients, the best was just good enough for us. We purchased the best available jojoba oils in Morocco, and argan oil from Italy.

After two years and numerous tests, we had our first product range, with which we have been delighting our customers ever since - we think 98% positive reviews speak for themselves. This has of course been continuously developed since its official launch in 2016. This is just one of the reasons why Charlemagne Premium products have won not just one, but several comparison tests in recent years.

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