The ApoRed hairstyle, the hair styling of the YouTube star

Die ApoRed Frisur, das Hair Styling des YouTube Stars

The ApoRed hairstyle, the hair styling of the YouTube star

Nowadays, social media content is becoming more and more important. Classic television or radio advertising only plays a relatively small role when it comes to influencing the viewer or listener. Influencer is the key word here. In particular, the younger generations who grew up with digital media such as Facebook or YouTube are finding it less and less enjoyable to consume the original media. The Internet and its platforms, on the other hand, are constantly gaining in importance. There is no end in sight. As a result, everyone has the opportunity to gain notoriety. This is how our current protagonist “ApoRed” managed it. That's why today we'll go into the background of the YouTuber ApoRed and, in this Charlemagne Premium blog entry, explain his hair styling in detail. But let's start slowly.

ApoRed? Who is that actually?

The German Youtuber ApoRed, whose real name is Nadim Ahadi, earns his living by creating video content on YouTube. He made the headlines and gained a certain level of notoriety by publishing controversial prank videos that even earned him a suspended prison sentence. Starting with the so-called “Let's Play” videos on a variety of more or less current video games, he now appears together with well-known YouTubers such as Simon Desue. He gained a lot of notoriety through videos in which he allowed himself to be locked in a cinema or furniture store overnight (without being asked). Basically, cool guy with awesome content.

What's the ApoRed hairstyle all about?

We can mention at this point that ApoRed is definitely fashion-conscious. An indication of this is his legendary ApoRed hairstyle, paired with his more or less full cut of his 3-day beard.

The ApoRed hairstyle, the hair styling of the YouTube star

The ApoRed hairstyle is a modified style of hairstyle in the form of an undercut and an associated cut on the side of the head.

His top hair is loose, as professionals we interpret styled head hair with the help of hair wax. The Fasson cut, also spelled Facon cut , is a haircut that can be created very individually, which is illustrated in the ApoRed hairstyle by a drastic cut towards the undercut. The hard cropped area of ​​the transition from the head to the side hair, the so-called shape or facon, is a defining feature. A cut in this area gives the ApoRed hairstyle the necessary individuality that a YouTuber must display in order to visually stand out from the crowd.

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The ApoRed hairstyle, the hair styling of the YouTube star

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