The Mohawk - the classic Iro hairstyle of the 80's punks

Der Mohawk - die klassische Iro Frisur der Punks der 80’er

The Mohawk - the classic Iro hairstyle of the 80's punks

Hairstyles are just as much a part of the fashion world as clothes and the matching assessors. So, as in the past, this great styling opportunity for your own look is unfortunately always accompanied by the end of a fashionable emergence. The bottom line is that your look is out and so are you. Be honest, the 90's mushroom head that your mom gave you in one moment of your childhood is just laughable today.

Of course, that's no reason to let your head, or in this case your hair, hang down.

Today's world of hairstyles offers everyone current trends that you can quickly emulate with the right barber you trust. Trendsetters like David Beckham, Robbie Williams and Formula 1 star Lewis Hamilton are showing the way.

This is exactly why we have chosen to focus on the Iro hairstyle in today's Charlemagne Premium Blog, because it is more in demand than ever. So that you too are ready to speak in the current world of trends, you should read the following lines of text. Have fun reading.

The Mohawk - the classic Iro hairstyle of the punks of the 80s

A mohawk, the sometimes more and sometimes less current trend hairstyle

The Iro hairstyle is more in demand than ever! Widely used in the punk scene during your youth and childhood, the Iro hairstyle is now celebrating a real comeback in many different forms. More and more women, but especially musicians and athletes, have brought this haircut back into the spotlight because they particularly like to wear the extravagant styles of the Iro hairstyle, which means that this cut can be not only impressive but also extremely extroverted.

The classic Iro hairstyle is the Mohawk


With a Mohawk cut of the Iro hairstyle, the sides of the head are shaved to a length of a few millimeters. The top hair down to the nape of the neck, on the other hand, is left longer. From variants in which the middle hair is cut between the sides of the head and the top hair as a transition, to a stark appearance using an undercut. There are no limits to the Iro hairstyle. However, it is important to style the longer hair with a comb, as this has a significant influence on the cut of the Iro hairstyle.


Recent years have conjured up a new form of Iroquois

In recent years, many modified versions of the Iro hairstyle have emerged, which makes the Iro hairstyle particularly customizable.

The “Fake Iro” of the round shape, also known as the Fohawk, has established itself as one of the trendiest cuts in recent years. The main reason for this is probably the fact that the fake Iro hairstyle does not look as punky as the Mohawk and is definitely “presentable” in the business world thanks to its subtle effect.

When it comes to the fake Iro cut, the version for hair that is worn short is the most popular cut. The comb to be styled is cut to 3-5cm and from there the sides are shaved shorter and shorter using a transition. In addition, there is the design of the comb in the neck area, which men and women can have tapered or tapered as a whole and wide element towards the neck.

Such a mohawk with transition also requires less care than the undercut version, which has to be shaved very accurately and constantly.

The hair tattoos, the mohawk cut - a couple like Adam and Eve...


Especially with the Iroquois cut you often see a wide variety of patterns that look like hair tattoos. As we all know, there is no arguing about taste. We personally prefer to leave the hair tattoos off the head at this point. Ultimately, this is a trend from the mid to late 2000s and is no longer relevant today, unless you want to create a stir with your appearance, for example because you make money with it.

Who does the Mohawk suit?


As is well known, haircuts must suit the wearer and therefore the corresponding head shape and appearance as a whole. Basically, the Iro hairstyle can be individually adapted to each person and is definitely suitable for everyone. A trip to the barber, ideally with a photo of what you're looking for, will offer you support and advice to get the right style for yourself.

As you have read, the Iro hairstyle is not that easy to describe and is quite diverse. But the individual forms have one thing in common. They require styling. Of course, you can do this with the right products. As always, you can find these in our Charlemagne Premium Shop, of course also for your facial hair, which can be easily combined with a mohawk haircut. Always remember one thing:


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