The application photo - 5 tips on whether and which beard you should wear

Das Bewerbungsfoto - 5 Tipps ob und welchen Bart du tragen solltest

The application photo - 5 tips on whether and which beard you should wear

At some point, everyone comes close to having to face the hurdle of a new professional challenge. Whether it's to get your first professional foothold after successfully completing your studies or simply a personal restructuring and the new challenge that comes with it.

Everything requires the initiative to contact a potential employer on the initiative or for an advertised position by means of a letter of application. After all, the ruble has to roll somehow.

This message in question not only includes a good and meaningful application letter including a CV, but also the legendary application photo, which sometimes raises a handful of questions for potential candidates.

In the following we will try to resolve these questions and support you with your challenge regarding an application photo using 5 points.

Of course, we also made a film of these tips, because personal words are usually more explanatory than any written ones!

The first impression counts!

Nothing is worse received by a viewer of your application photo than a lousy photo or even a photo taken with a cell phone in front of the closet. Your facial hair, i.e. an application photo with a beard, is absolutely irrelevant. If the basic environment is not right, the issue of whether you have a beard in an application photo will ultimately no longer be a consideration.

The application photo

First of all, you should know that nowadays application photos are no longer mandatory in an application. If you decide to present your profile in the form of a picture, seek advice from a professional photographer.

The application photo - 5 tips on whether and which beard you should wear

The beard

Wearing a beard is no longer a no-go these days, not even in professional life. Beard is fashionable and also accepted in business and the business world. It is not for nothing that numerous studies show that people with beards are more successful at work because their appearance makes them stand out differently than one or other clean-shaven “guy”, who sometimes has less masculinity and therefore charisma for certain positions than a person with a beard.

Which beard is accepted?

Of course, there is still business etiquette. If you apply based on an application photo with a beard, your basic appearance must of course be correct.

If you have a beard in your application photo that has grown randomly to look like a lumberjack and you are applying for such a position, your face will also fit the advertised position.

I don't think it should even be discussed that the whole thing won't really fit into the portfolio of a management position, for example the manager of a stock corporation. Your appearance should basically match the location described.

The application photo - 5 tips on whether and which beard you should wear

The care

The key point of your application photo with a beard is care.

If the person in the photo arrives at the HR manager well-groomed with or without a beard, the beard styling or cut is simply irrelevant.

It has to look good and fit you. It should be clear to you that this point does not only refer to the application photo with or without a beard, but rather to your entire appearance in life.

If you take the previous points to heart and accept them in relation to the advertised position, you don't need to worry about how your beard will be received. The application photo with a beard is authentic and honest in many ways. What's the point of shaving your beard for the photo and then letting it grow back after potentially getting a job?

Just remember to take care of your facial hair. As always, you can of course find suitable products in our Charlemagne Premium online shop, and you can find tips for care in the blog available to you. Good luck with your application!