Unusual and extroverted? The punk hairstyle

Ausgefallen und extrovertiert? Die Punker Frisur

Unusual and extroverted? The punk hairstyle

The punk hairstyle is definitely an ongoing trend. Became widely known in the 1980s, one or two punk hairstyles, sometimes more and sometimes less, are practically ubiquitous. But what accounts for this continuous trend? We will address this and a few other topics in today's Charlemagne Premium Blog Post to bring you a little closer to the legendary punk hairstyle. Have fun reading!

Punk and the punk hairstyle, a short summary

Punk reached its peak particularly towards the end of the eighties. The Mohawk was everywhere! Cockscombs, mostly dyed in striking colors, could be admired on the street. Nevertheless, the punk scene and therefore the wearers of the punk hairstyle didn't really have a good reputation. Mostly associated with “scrounging” and the “non-working people”, the punk scene was unable to really establish itself as a mainstay. But why actually, if the matter is and was nothing wrong?! The resistance to the continually increasing empathic feeling, let's call it something else, the critical questioning of capitalism, is fundamentally nothing wrong. A kind of resistance, at the same time for equality and its value. Paired with punk rock and excessive parties, it was simply a time that made history.

The mohawk. Cockfights excluded!

With a Mohawk cut, i.e. the Iroquois, or a punk hairstyle, the sides of the head are shaved down to a length of a few millimeters. However, the top hair towards the lower neck is left untrimmed longer. The punk hairstyle basically has no limits. What was popular was what was individual. Whether colors or pointedly styled thorns in the cockscomb. That's exactly what the punk hairstyle is. Diverse and person-related.

Why can't the punk hairstyle be quantified exactly?

The bottom line is that punk means resistance. Against the system, against the bourgeois, but above all against the mass equality of our time. That's exactly why the punk hairstyle cannot be quantified next to a scene-defining mohawk. Whether shaved sides, mohawk or just completely extroverted. The punk hairstyle is what the general public does not offer and is different.

As you could read, the punk hairstyle is anything but 0-8-15 and depends on taste. Nowadays, punk is actually no longer the fashion trend it once was. Modified... and therefore more “everyday hairstyles” based on punk are still omnipresent these days. When it comes to variation, we can only encourage you to find your own style. In particular, the combination of modified punk hairstyles and beards can set trends these days. Since we assume that this is exactly your thing, you should take a look at our Charlemagne Premium Blog. You will find the right styling products for your individual punk hairstyle or beard right there, because:

Unusual and extroverted? The punk hairstyle

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