9 tips for perfect beard care

9 Tipps für die perfekte Bartpflege

9 tips for perfect beard care

Are you, dear reader, looking for how?! Exactly, how! How do I make more of the growth on my face, how can I combine masculinity with the perfect appearance of a man? Below we will give you 9 tips on why your beard should be well-groomed and how you should do it.

Why should someone with a beard care for their beard?

At this point we think of an experience from our team. Every man has to find his own style, but we will explain the whole thing to you with an example:

A beard is usually allowed to grow (wildly) during puberty because “you have finally grown a beard”, you are a “man”. Unfortunately, many men never get rid of this idea when it comes to a beard.

However, unkempt beards are comparable to organic waste in the home that has not yet been disposed of. Most people find it uncomfortable.

What do we want to say? Beard A is different from Beard B. A well-groomed beard is the mark of a true man. An uncontrolled facial growth, on the other hand, represents an insurmountable hurdle (especially in relation to the female gender). Unkempt, (non-)inconspicuous and simply unmasculine. So what should be the means to your style? Correct! Beard care! 

9 tips for perfect beard care

Beard care is the be-all and end-all of a beard wearer

Beard care is the basic element of daily personal care routines. Whether shaving, trimming or styling. Without this daily procedure, your best piece, and yes you can also apply it to other parts of the male body, is only worth half as much. You should make beard care a daily routine, so that you almost feel like you're missing it if, for whatever reason, you can't keep up with your daily beard care. But what does that include? We will explain exactly these components to you below.

Beard dyeing 

Little beard growth, hydrogen-blonde fuzz, ginger or gray too early? Don't worry about it. Each color of your beard has its own advantages and has a very individual effect on the other person. If you, and really only you, are dissatisfied with the color of your beard, you still have the option of coloring your facial hair differently. Using special paint, you can give your desired look a boost. Especially if your beard growth is not (yet) too dense, a darker coloring of the growth can work wonders here. The beard looks thicker and fuller. An ideal and first approach to beard care.


Trimming your beard is probably the most necessary thing when it comes to beard looks. Depending on the length of your beard hair, you should trim your beard up to once a week as part of your beard care routine. You can find out how to do this here

Contours using a knife

Of course, the contours of your beard must also be shaped regularly during beard care. You can get great results with a razor. If you are not too keen on using a razor, you can or should visit your trusted barber regularly. He can of course give you further tips on beard care. We can also suggest a blog entry about this.

9 tips for perfect beard care

Beard brush

With the beard brush you can not only groom your beard growth into shape, no, you can also use it to routinely apply care products to your hair as part of your everyday beard care. You can find a review of beard brushes (in general) here.

Beard comb

The beard comb is particularly suitable for beard care while you are on tour. It has similar properties to the beard brush. You can follow which ones here.

9 tips for perfect beard care

Beard oil

A beard oil makes your beard hair supple, provides it with the necessary moisture and gives it a satin shine. It also offers you a great scent due to the essential oils it contains. So consider which smells you like before buying. Ultimately, your mustache is located under your nose, i.e. your olfactory organ. So consider what you use for beard care.

9 tips for perfect beard care


Beardwax has similar properties to beard oil, but is primarily used to shape your beard. Styling your beard completes your daily beard care routine. Whether twirling or straightening. With Beardwax, the so-called beard wax, you are in control of every gust of wind (pun intended), so that nothing can knock your beard off your face.

And the crowning achievement

If you follow the 9 points mentioned above regarding beard care, you too will create a great beard look that will melt the world of women and make you look even more masculine than you already do. As always, you can of course find suitable utensils for beard care in our shop.