5 tips on how to trim your beard after 3 days

5 Tipps wie du deinen 3 Tage Bart trimmen solltest

5 tips on how to trim your beard after 3 days

Who doesn't know the attractive look of a three-day or stubble beard. The musicians “Die Ärzte” have already paid homage to this beard look, which has been extremely popular for decades. On the one hand, it is daring, but it still looks classically elegant and makes the wearer extremely interesting, especially for women, or at least that is what the female environment around us describes. Maybe that's why many famous actors like Bradley Cooper or the late Fast and the Furious star Paul Walker sport or wore this type of beard style. They also emulated the daring western hero Clint Eastwood, probably the first advocate of a stubble beard in the film scene.

The list of people lining up is almost endless. But how do you manage the fine line between the sexy three-day beard and the unkempt look of a vagabond? Below we will give you 5 tips to help you create the look you want on your face and help you find the way to trim your 3-day beard.

What look do I want?

Contours, the length of the hair and also the color of your beard influence the later appearance of your facial hair. So before you trim your beard for 3 days, you should think about what your style should look like when it's finished.

The length of the beard hair.

First you should decide on the length you want in relation to your 3 day beard. Lengths between two and six millimeters should not be less than or exceeded. To be able to trim a beard for 3 days, you should use a beard hair trimmer. This allows you to adjust the beard hair to a wide range of lengths, so you can be sure of the stubble look you want. Various manufacturers offer special trimmers for 3-day beard trimming. Which device you choose is a matter of your own well-being. Basically, no beard care set should be without a beard trimmer. 

Trim your beard in 3 days

The contour care of the stubble beard

Using a razor, you can trim the contours of your 3 day beard. Taking care of this is essential to keep your stubble looking well-groomed and not looking the opposite. Since we have already written about razors with interchangeable blades in the past, you should read this article. In our shop you will find a very special tool to trim the contours of your 3 day beard.

How often should I trim my 3 day beard?

No special explanation is needed at this point. A 3 day beard should have the appearance of a beard that has grown for three days. Even if we think the name is self-explanatory, we'd rather be on the safe side. Depending on its length, shave your three-day beard at least every three days .

Proper care of facial hair

Even a 3-day beard requires daily care. Skin and hair should be sufficiently moisturized. You can also use care products to keep your beard hair silky shiny and therefore healthy.

If you follow the 5 previous tips for trimming your beard in 3 days, nothing will stand in the way of you and your Wild West look. As always, you can find the right tools and care products in our shop. You should also study our blog entries on the individual tools and procedures. Over time, we cover more and more subject areas. You'll be amazed.