5 reasons why you should trim your chest hair too

5 Gründe warum auch Du dein Brusthaar trimmen solltest

5 reasons why you should trim your chest hair too

Chest hair. In addition to a full beard, it represents the ultimate hairy discipline when it comes to masculinity. For a long time it was considered THE erotic feature of a man. Whether James Bond or rock superstars. Chest hair was fashionable.

Nevertheless, this distinctive feature of masculinity remains a topic of discussion that will last forever. It divides the world of women in particular into two camps.

Although in certain situations of interpersonal togetherness it is suitable for the popular after-sex cuddling (and chest hair scratching), for many women it is still an absolute no-go for men!

But where does the idea come from?

While it was still an essential symbol of masculinity in the early 90s, the situation changed in the early 2000s. Stagnant sales in the razor blade industry and the mass adoption of electric beard shavers prompted the industry to take action. Something new was needed, body and intimate shaving was born. Driven by numerous advertising campaigns, men had to be cleared across the board. This trend lasted for many years. Today the situation looks different. Male body hair is socially acceptable again, almost “in”.

Below we will explain your open questions and give you tips on how to deal with your hair and trim your chest hair.

1. Bro, is that your lucky hair?

    A warm summer day, meeting friends in the outdoor pool. After weeks of training, you have developed a “summer body” that you are extremely proud of. But then the inevitable happens. One of your friends makes a flippant comment about your hair, which is 12 in number and arranged around your nipples.

    “Hey bro, is that your lucky hair?”

    Shocked! The rest of the group joins in and there is loud laughter. The initial self-confidence you built up with hard work in the gym is gone.

    What can you say? Dear reader... if you "don't" have any chest hair, for heaven's sake make sure that the little strays don't appear on your chest. The rule “All or nothing” applies here.

    Hi, I'm a Meppich. – Half human, half carpet.

    The same as mentioned under the previous point applies to excessive chest hair. If your chest hair already matches the hair of a uranium utan, you should trim your chest hair as quickly as possible. At this point I like to quote a friend's statement: We women don't want a monkey, we want a tiger in bed. I think this statement can be left without comment.

    The Golden middle

    The art of being able to trim your chest hair so that it is the perfect length, almost the golden ratio of men's hairstyle, is a skill that only a few gentlemen of creation have mastered.

    If you cut your hair too short, you'll quickly end up with scratchy stubble. Potential partners can find these very unpleasant. From our own experiences in the Charlemagne Official Team, we can kindly suggest that chest hair that is too short, especially in tight clothing, is not necessarily a celebration for the wearer. When trimming chest hair, you should avoid lengths less than 4mm.

    Not too short?

    Yeah, yeah, sure. We men don't want certain things to be too short. When it comes to trimming chest hair, one thing is certain: brevity is the key.”

    According to many statements, trimmed chest hair, with a length of approx. 6mm, represents the optimum between the aforementioned clear-cutting and a shaving. You should therefore fixate on this hair length when shaving your upper body.

    Nothing is more powerful than habit. (Quote: Ovid)

    Even if you have found the optimal middle ground when it comes to trimming chest hair, there is one thing you should always keep in mind: “It is human nature that hair continues to grow.” It is therefore necessary to shave your chest hair regularly. Make “trimming” a habit. Wielding the electric beard trimmer once a week is the best way to become “master of the jungle”.

    With the tips mentioned above for trimming chest hair, you will be well prepared for your next visit to the outdoor pool or your upcoming date at the weekend. Especially in today's times, it is no longer a no-go to wear well-groomed body hair. Own your masculinity. You can of course find suitable care products for exactly these in our shop .