What can you do about pimples on your hairline?

Was kannst du gegen Pickel am Haaransatz tun?

What can you do about pimples on your hairline?

Long gone are the days when a man would exchange bodily fluids with his hot childhood friend without thinking about what the good lady would think of the pubertal acne.

And then…

Out of nowhere, the little beasts are back, this time not in the form of small yellowish volcanoes that shine on the bare cheek, which is not even covered with fluff, but rather they appear as pimples on the hairline, below the beard and hurt more than ever!

So what can you do about it? Sitting it out? Drugstore or pharmacy? Dermatologist? Or would you rather use grandma’s good old home remedies first?

In the following we will show you what you can do in the first instance to, in the best case scenario, get control of the situation and drive these annoying little devils towards hell.

Sit it out or work on your habits?!

Yes, dear reader, your habits! Unfortunately, skin type A is not the same as skin type B.

Care products used incorrectly or too often can also cause skin irritations such as pimples on your hairline.

What can you do about pimples on your hairline?

If you generally have sensitive skin that reacts extremely sensitively to the various ingredients in care products, it is primarily up to you to change your habits. Swapping care products or simply leaving out certain ones can often work wonders and make pimples on the hairline disappear in no time.

The right hair wash:

Your beard in particular needs regular washing. Beard oils, beard wax and countless other care products leave their mark on your hair. If these are not removed from time to time as they should, you run the risk of giving your skin a lot of too much of a good thing.

We just want to explain the whole thing using an example. Beard wax consists mostly of fat. Vaseline, to be exact. If used incorrectly, this fat can clog your skin pores and lead to pimples on your hairline. You should therefore use a beard shampoo or beard wash at regular intervals to counteract such a situation.

The good old drugstore

Anti acne and pimples away. Of course, at this moment everyone remembers one or two products from their youth, which sometimes showed more and sometimes less of the desired success.

If changing your approach to care products doesn't bring success, this may be the key to luck in finding relief from pimples on your hairline.

Grandma's bag of tricks:

“My boy, you have to put toothpaste on it, then it’ll be gone tomorrow!”

Sorry guys, with all due respect to your grandma, but you really should stay away from toothpaste on pimples on your hairline. While we're sure you don't want to walk around with toothpaste-smeared facial hair, this dental-only product can cause inflammation of the sebaceous glands and hair roots. Even the zinc that is usually contained there, especially in grandma's time, does not really help against pimples on the hairline, because zinc brings with it the next negative factor - it dries out the skin. So, be close to yourself at this point and stay away from such shenanigans.

What can you do about pimples on your hairline?

If nothing helps, see a dermatologist!

Often you just can't find the light at the end of the tunnel. Don't despair, ask a dermatologist. Thank God that we live in a time where there is a specialist for everything and everyone. It's not for nothing that a dermatologist has spent years of his life studying to be a doctor specifically for our skin, so don't be afraid to ask for advice. He knows what he is doing and will be able to give you the best advice, especially if you suffer from skin diseases.

Through the previous points you have also found out that there is no panacea for pimples on the hairline. As an individual, you can find an individual solution to this problem or have it found by your trusted dermatologist. First and foremost, we recommend that you use natural beard care products. As always, you can find exactly these examples in the best quality, Made in Germany, in the Charlemagne Premium Shop! Good luck!