The hype about Mats Hummel's hairstyle

Der Hype um Mats Hummels Frisur

The hype about Mats Hummel's hairstyle

Mats Julian Hummels, a footballer born in 1988, who is not only allowed to shine through his footballing skills. The young man can always shine, especially with his extraordinary “Mats Hummels hairstyles”, with which he can sometimes set trends. We have taken this very topic to heart today in order to explain to you in the current Charlemagne Premium Blog Post what one or other Mats Hummels hairstyle is all about. Have fun while reading!

The successful football career of Mats Hummels

First of all, we will of course talk about Mats Julian Hummels. Even if everyone living in Germany should already know about this person. Why? Mats Hummels played for the German national team from 2010 to 2018. From the beginning of his seventh year, Mats Hummels also played for FC Bayern Munich. During his career, in addition to Mats Hummel's hairstyle, the amusement of Yussuf Poulsen of RB Leipzig made its rounds, but at this point it would be too far-reaching to go into the topic.

The no less successful hairstyle trends

Mats Hummels is often in the spotlight, especially because of his changing hair. According to a common motto in the football world, David Beckham showed us how to do it, I'll follow suit. Whether blonded or styled up into a mohawk. Mats Hummel's hairstyle leaves no open fields for styling competition to serve.

His hairstyles are sometimes even published as art on the Getty Images website.

Why does Mats Hummels change his hairstyle so often?

A question that you can certainly ask yourself. Why does this guy change his hairstyle so often?

According to his own statements, incidentally in response to a Twitter post, Mats Hummels commented on the hairstyle in December 2016 as follows:

“I really need to stop making these stupid bets…”

Whether this statement is true or just a clever PR move is of course left uncommented at this point.

Nevertheless, one thing is certain. Mats Hummel's hairstyle is not only in the headlines, but also finds some imitators who celebrate his hair trends. After all, otherwise you wouldn’t have ended up here on our Charlemagne Premium blog post.

In order to be able to wear the respective Mats Hummels hairstyle, the best way is to simply bring a photo of the style you want with you to your barber. Because of his expertise, he will know what to do and conjure up the Mats Hummels look on your head.

As you have read, Mats Hummel's hairstyle is not that clear and difficult to imitate. If you know which of his numerous styles you want to get for yourself, going to a barber you trust is particularly helpful. Whether the relaxed casual look or more of a stylish business look. With the style of the Mats Hummels hairstyle you are always on the safe side. In order to be able to style this Mats Hummels hairstyle accordingly, you will of course find the right hair and beard care products in our Charlemagne Premium Shop, because:

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