7 reasons why your beard deserves a beard oil.

7 Gründe, warum dein Bart ein Bartöl verdient hat.

7 reasons why your beard deserves a beard oil.

As already mentioned in a few blog entries, today we will explain the legendary topic of beard oil.

Whether it's a cultural legacy from your grandfather's time, as he probably also enthusiastically used beard oil to care for his facial hair, or a fashion product of today. Only you can decide how you deal with the image of this magic potion.

Nevertheless, beard oil is a care product that we can give to your beard-loving heart with a clear conscience, so that your beard hair can also be given the care it deserves.

The beard hair

And so we are already on the topic! The “beard” facial jewelry, which is popular not only among the gentlemen of creation, is extremely individual in every respect. Some people like it to be as full and long as possible, while others like it short. That's right, the beard hair.

In addition to the properties of the individual shape, one thing is particularly important:

The care and associated appearance of your beard. The hair itself has the property of drying out if there is insufficient moisture and looking brittle and unhealthy. Beard oil can help before it's too late.

7 reasons why your beard deserves a beard oil.

What exactly is beard oil?

Beard oil is a liquid mixed with a wide variety of ingredients that ensures that your beard hair is sustainably moisturized when used and not only keeps it healthy, but also gives it a silky, matt shine.

In every respect, in most cases this is a plus point for the user and at the same time the person wearing beard styling. In addition, beard oil is not only functional due to the enrichment with essential oils, but the resulting scents not only put the wearer in a good mood.


The most important component and therefore decisive for its success or failure are the ingredients of a beard oil.

Since the ingredients of beard oils are extremely individual depending on the composition and manufacturer, we will hereby provide examples of our in-house collection and its main ingredients. The main reasons why your beard deserves a beard oil.

First of all at this point would be:


Argan oil


Argan oil is an oil obtained by pressing the seed plates of the ripe fruit of the argan tree

The Moroccan people have been using unroasted argan oil for countless years to treat skin diseases or for beauty care of the skin and hair. The latter therefore makes the most sense for use in beard oil.

Due to its moisturizing but also anti-inflammatory effect, argan oil or rather its properties help to soothe dry, flaky skin or skin prone to irritation.

Argan oil also has very good results in treating acne.

Because the oil is grown exclusively in the southwest of Morocco. The growing area was declared a biosphere reserve by UNESCO in 1998, twenty years ago. The high quality of such an oil should be understandable at this point.

Jojoba oil

Jojoba oil is an odorless and versatile "oil" that, when cold pressed, has the great property of being adulterated without any additives and without becoming "rancid" in the long term, as many of its competing products often do.

Although jojoba oil is generally considered an oil, it is actually a wax form.

Jojoba oil is non-greasy and is absorbed quickly and very well by the skin.

The jojoba nut grows in the California desert. The Indians who lived there at the time - we are thinking of the Wild West - used the oil from the nuts as an ingredient in their dishes.

The “oil” obtained from jojoba nuts is a great care product for the skin due to the many vitamins it contains.

An important property that a beard oil should have.

The almond oil

Almond oil is generally understood to mean vegetable oil cold-pressed from both bitter and sweet almonds.

Bitter almond oil, which is extracted explicitly from bitter almonds, is an essential oil that inevitably has a high purity content without mixing individual substances.

The pure seeds, i.e. the popularly known almonds or Buchheim, or their combined mixture are used.

7 reasons why your beard deserves a beard oil.

The grape seed oil

Grape seed oil is initially a vegetable oil that is obtained from the kernels or seeds of the well-known grape.

The aforementioned seeds are cold or hot pressed. Additionally, the oil from the seed can be chemically extracted.

The extraction of the oil is complex. One liter of grape seed oil, which is used as a substance for the production of beard oil, requires around two tons of grapes. This is exactly the amount required to obtain the necessary 40 kg of grape seeds.

As you can see, an extremely high quality product to meet your quality requirements. Ideal ingredient for a beard oil.

Our conclusion


 Due to the natural raw materials used in the production of beard oil products and the associated care properties for your beard hair, beard oil becomes the insider tip among beard care products. As always, you can find high-quality beard oil that matches the theme in the Charlemagne Premium Shop.